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AlchemyAPI Reference
Welcome to the Alchemy4Tridion API documentation. The following documentation and examples can be used by plugin authors to aid them in the development of plugins published to the Web Store. For plugin development, please check out information on Alchemy4Tridion.Plugins. For contributing to the Alchemy4Tridion framework, please check out information on Alchemy4Tridion.Core.
The Alchemhy4Tridion.Core library is responsible for configuring, installing, uninstalling, and providing some concrete functionality to the plugin framework.
The Alchemy4Tridion.Plugins is the main API that you will use to build plugins with. You can add this library and namespace into your class library project via the "Alchemy4Tridion.Plugin" package by running:
Install-Package Alchemy4Tridion.Plugin -Pre
Note that the "-Pre" tag is used to pull the prerelease version.