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AlchemyVersion 0.6

Version 0.6 was released on July 22nd, 2015.

Major in This Release
  • The Alchemy4Tridion Developer Pack Visual Studio Extension has been released with this version! You can download the extension from the Visual Studio Gallery by searching for "Alchemy4Tridion" or by downloading it here. The extension currently includes Project Templates for new plugin projects and for converting an existing GUI Extension (currently experimental and not all items are converted), as well as various Item Templates for the different components your plugin can contain.

  • Project properties AlchemyRemoveBuildFiles and AlchemyUploadDialog to help control what files are automatically cleaned up when you build your plugin project and when the Upload to Webstore should appear (all the time, never, only under specific configurations, etc).

  • Constants for 'GroupIds' for your Ribbon Toolbar Extensions.

    Using Statement:
    using Alchemy4Tridion.Plugins.GUI.Configuration;
    Code Example within Ribbon Toolbar Extension
    // Add your extension to the Publish group on the Home tab
    GroupId = Constants.GroupIds.HomePage.PublishGroup;
  • Auto created NuGet package classes gone!

    Caution note Caution

    The Alchemy4Tridion.Plugin package no longer contains automatically created classes that inherit from AlchemyPluginBase and AlchemyApiController. Having a class that inherits AlchemyPluginBase is mandatory so its a must that you add one yourself now, and you'll have to add a controller if you want to use web services.

    This was done as during updates the automatically added classes would be prompted to get overwritten. The Visual Studio Project Templates from the Alchemy4Tridion Developer Pack still contains these automatically added items though, so you should use those if you desire to have them.

  • Various bug fixes!
Full Change Log

For a complete list of changes, view the complete changelog on the GitHub site.

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